IXD304 Apollo Program : The Journey

The content on this page is the actual story of Apollo 11’s journey to the moon. This is the page that needs the most narrative flow so I had to be vary thoughtful about layout and placement of images and text boxes.


For this page my primary source of inspiration comes from looking at comic pages and observing the layout and path of story telling. I looked through comics both online and offline and made a Pinterest board as well.

The first part of the content was about people tuning in to watch things on the tv so I figured I would bring in a 60’s tv or living room. So I looked at that that kind of 60’s furniture and tech as well.





After sketching ideas I went through my typical process of first figuring out the layout of the panels and margins around them. Then I did whatever illustrations that needed to be done. I had an idea for that introduction with the family at the tv and although I really liked that idea, it would take too long to figure out how to illustrate it so instead I decided do big panel with the tv showing the launch. For this I illustrated a tv which didn’t take as much time since it was simple shapes.

After that I add the boarders and backings to my images and worked on adding the content to the text boxes. There were things in the text which I added, took away and changed depending on how it fit on the panel and in the boxes as per usual. Then I experimented and arranged everything until I was happy with the layout.

For backgrounds I mostly used my space background but for the first and last panel, since the events take place on land, I made dotty backgrounds for them.

The Result

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