IXD102 Type Specimen For Screen – Times New Roman

We were given 6 different fonts to choose from for this project and I decided to design a Type Specimen Screen for Times New Roman, arguably one of the most basic and apathetic fonts there is. I thought it would be an interesting challenge to see what design concepts I could come up with for…Continue Reading IXD102 Type Specimen For Screen – Times New Roman

1XD101 Week04- Typography Exercises

During this Monday’s lecture I was given the task of taking a letter and changing it’s character by adding or subtracting from it. I chose a capital L since that’s what my name starts with and here is what I did: What I did was relatively simple. I just cut segments off at an angle…Continue Reading 1XD101 Week04- Typography Exercises

1XD101 Week 03- Revisiting my manifesto using type scale

During this Monday’s lecture we were tasked with experimenting with type scale on the words of our manifestos. Here is what I did in Figma. I applied emphasis to certain words by making them larger and/or bolder. #101…Continue Reading 1XD101 Week 03- Revisiting my manifesto using type scale

Wilson Miner – When We Build

I found this presentation incredibly eye opening and inspiring. It also made me exited for the future, working as an interaction designer. The running theme through out was how we are a product of our environment but we are also its designers. Each new thing we make changes our environment and the way we live….Continue Reading Wilson Miner – When We Build

My Manifesto

What is a Manifesto? I’m going to be honest, before starting this project I didn’t really know exactly what a manifesto was. After reading the project brief and researching online though, I’ve come to understand that it’s a bold declaration to the world of your core beliefs and the way you intend to live your…Continue Reading My Manifesto