IXD103 Week 10: Additional Touchpoint Task

During this week’s lecture on going beyond the brand we were given the task of designing an additional touchpoint fr our personal brands. This could have been anything from an animated logo and NFTs to branded merch and desktop backgrounds.

Since I love using fashion as a form of self expression and having the items I use day to day reflect my personality in some way, I decided to sketch out a range of apparel for my brand:


I may have gotten a bit carried away like with the mules, but I think most of what I’ve thought up could potentially be seen as desirable items.  I think that the ones that stand out to me are the jacket, the umbrella, the mug and the tote bag. The jacket just looks cool and would rep my brand quite well. The rest are all things I can imagine keeping in a studio and giving to clients if they need or want them.

Here are the critiques I got:

Overall I think I did a good job with task.  I had fun doing it and I think it was really valuable to do as it was about putting in practice what we were learning earlier on in the lecture about establishing an emotional connection between a brand and clients/consumers. In our case it was using touchpoint to increase our brands’ desirability and develop that emotional connection.

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