IXD103: Business Card Development

During week 6’s lecture on Application, we were given the task of designing a business card. Here is what I got done in class that day:


I decided to keep it simple but impactful on the front with just my monogram. Then for the back I decided to keep my details to the left and to add some blocks of bright colours in the style of my monogram, stacked on the right to balance the composition. I had yet to add my word mark in for my name but I decided on the font bio sans semi-bold for my details.

I still had to finish it off and I was given some advice for the positioning of the text so I continued developing it. Before going further I made a Pinterest board with lots of different business card examples for inspiration and to get a better sense of what they are meant to look like. Here is a link to that board: https://www.pinterest.ie/laurabfoy/business-card-examples/

It might meed a bit of tweaking and improvements but here’s my business card so far:

I just put my uni email, phone no. (I crossed it out here so I won’t get any weird calls from strangers)  and design instagram for now since I don’t have a proper portfolio website yet. I made icons to go infant of them and It’s possible that they may be too big but I think that just goes with the boldness of my word mark, monogram and the motif on the blocks on the right. I also put in my word mark and adjusted the position of my details further in and tried to make the top and bottom margins even. I tried adding canvas texture to the card just to see what it might look like irl.

I quite happy with what I’ve done so far but I think I would like to have a few more variants using the different colour combinations I picked out for my logo.

I’ve started considering what material I’d like them to be printed on and I thinking towards recycled card as I care a lot about recycling and reducing waste and I want my brand to be environmentally conscious.

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