IXD103 Week 1: Bio Task

Before writing my bio  I had to figure out what my brand values are so that I have an idea of what direction to write in. I did this by asking people who know me (mainly my family) how they would describe me as a person and my design style. I then wrote all these down along with some words I would want to be associated with my brand.


From this I then picked out 5 key values. These values are; colourful, imaginative, authentic, adaptable and fresh. I may decide to swap some out later but this is what I’ve landed on so far. I based my decision on the idea that some of these values have multiple interpretations that bring in some of the other descriptors I wrote out. For example, colourful nods to the fact that I love implementing colours, yes  it could also be interpreted as interesting, eclectic, fun, bold, unique etc.

Short Bio

For this I tried to keep it to the point; who I am, where I’m from, what I’m doing and briefly what I’m about.

Hi! I’m Laura, an IXD student at Belfast School of Art from Donegal. I love to design, create and work in a colourful, interesting and imaginative ways.

I’m not sure about the last sentence but it’s a good enough start I can always change it later.

Longer bio/about me

Hello! My name is Laura and I’m a 19 year old from Donegal studying Interaction Design at Belfast School of Art. I am an aspiring designer who enjoys designing the things that could so easily end up looking dull and boring in a much more colourful, interesting and imaginative way. I love working on projects where I’m able to play and experiment with colour and I always try to infuse my personality, passions and somewhat eclectic influences into my work.

I feel like there is more I could add here but i’m not exactly sure what yet. Again though, I can always come back and add to or change it later.

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