Month: January 2021

IXD104 Week 1: Lecture Reflection

This week’s lecture was an introduction to the Imaging and Data Visualisation module and an overview of what we’d be learning about and expected to accomplish over this semester. I’m simultaneously exited for and worried by the deliverables of this module. Designing a travel app and infographic sound so cool but right now at this…Continue Reading IXD104 Week 1: Lecture Reflection

IXD103 Week 1: Content Audit Exercise

The brand I chose for this exercise is Nintendo. I’ve had a bit of an obsession with the company since early childhood and engage with their content quite regularly so I’d say that I’m quite familiar with the way that they brand themselves. Word Bank bringing smiles to people’s faces fun family-friendly entertainment video games…Continue Reading IXD103 Week 1: Content Audit Exercise

IXD103 Week 1: Lecture Reflection

Introduction To Exploring Identity Module The first part of this lecture was an introduction to the course and what we’d be doing. We first looked at how many different job titles related to interaction design there are. I know now that I should start thinking about what areas I’d like to work in. I learned…Continue Reading IXD103 Week 1: Lecture Reflection

Ixd103 Week01- Recommendation task

For this task we were meant to try describing a book/album in around 140 characters or less as well as sketch something to summarise it. Not sure if I did the greatest job at this but here’s what I did anyway. Description: A Japanese horror manga where a stench of death is carried by rotting…Continue Reading Ixd103 Week01- Recommendation task

IXD102 Project Links

Type Specimen Blog Post:   Group Presentation Google Slides: Blog Post:   Web Essay GitHub: Blog Post:…Continue Reading IXD102 Project Links

IXD101 Coursework Submissions

My Manifesto: 9 Iterations:   Follow the Rhythm:   GitHub:   All module related posts can be found by searching #101…Continue Reading IXD101 Coursework Submissions

1xd102- Lecture content reflection

In this post I’ll be looking back at the IXD102 modules from the last 12 weeks. Week 1- Introduction to Communication Design This weeks lecture gave me a great overview of the module by briefly going backwards through time from look at what interaction design may look like in the future to internet history all…Continue Reading 1xd102- Lecture content reflection