IXD302 Investor Pitch Content Plan

As my pitch is more geared towards charity fundraisers I took a little time to research how to present a non-profit pitch. I found the following guide particularly helpful.

Image of Are you a Non-Profit looking for Funding? Here's a guide to creating an effective pitch deck post

Are you a Non-Profit looking for Funding? Here’s a guide to creating an effective pitch deck 

Some interesting points and key takeaways were as follows:

  • The pitch is an introduction, it won’t answer all questions but it should encourage engagement
  • There should be key takeaways that stand alone and don’t require the slide deck
  • Compelling pitch decks are concise, tell a story, are visual, 10-13 slides.
  • The pitch should define the organization’s identity
  • The pitch should sharpen the organization’s core message
  • The pitch should hone in on and prioritize the most important market segments or sources of expertise, labour or funding.
  • How they can help or your “Ask”/Concrete next steps
    • Levels of Funding (what do they get in return)
    • Information
    • Visibility, Outreach
    • Connections

I have considered these points as well as the structure provided in our lecture on the topic to develope the following content plan:

Written content plan

The above plan lays out the following structure:

Slide 1 Cover Slide- Include product name and slogan

Slide 2 Facts about homelessness

Slide 3 Vision

Slide 4 Problem

Slide 5 Statistics on cashlessness

Slide 6 Case study

Slide 7 Attempted solutions

Slide 8 Solution

Slide 9 How the system works

Slide 10 Market Research- User research survey

Slide 11 McDonalds success

Slide 12 Spend local success

Slide 13 Impact of charities in the area

Slide 14 The ask

Slide 15 Facts about homelessness in NI

Slide 16 Dylans Story

Slide 17 Thank you

In the above structure of my content, I have largely stuck to the general structure of an investor pitch. I have however made some additions in order to provide context on the need for my product. This includes opening with facts about homelessness and including facts specific to NI and a direct quote from a child who is currently homeless at the end. I decided to include these additional slides as they help me to tell the story of homelessness from a number of points of view. The first point of view I want to demonstrate is homelessness overall impact on society and how it could directly impact the people I am pitching to. The second is how people not carrying change is impacting the homeless. The third point of view is its impact on families and children living in Northern Ireland. I wanted to include as many first-hand perspectives as much as possible as this is far more relatable and will have a greater impact in my opinion. I have scattered these accounts throughout my presentation alongside the important information required in all investor pitches.

In addition to what I have included above, following feedback, I decided to include an additional slide after slide 9 that outlines the systems impact on the homeless, businesses and charaties.

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