For today’s class we uploaded our sketches for Assignment 3 and our sculpted fruit from week 7 to OneDrive so Henry can view them. He went over our designs and gave some feedback. This included:

  • He liked the Clown design
  • Most of it can be sculpted in Blender
  • Hat and Ruffles can be done in Maya
  • Could include a small background/scene like a circus ball

I found this feedback to be really useful as I now have a better idea of how to make each part of the clown and that a small background scene can be made to help show the personality of the clown.



Homework/Assignment 2:

For homework we were tasked with continuing work on Assignment 2 and to watch some sculpting videos.




Assignment 2

This week I focused on finalising the design of my Clown, creating a small background scene.


Final Thoughts:

I feel I made good progress this week and the feedback that I received from Henry was really helpful and I like the idea of giving my character a scene to be in.

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