Week 8 – Academic Writing 2

Morning Class: This morning Yuan gave a lecture on Harvard referencing and academic writing. We covered the basic approach for writing your essay, referencing within your essay and your reference list and some academic writing tips of what you should and should not do. Some of these academic tips included; using less personal words likeContinue reading Week 8 – Academic Writing 2

Week 7 – Academic Writing 1

Morning Class: During this morning’s class Yuan gave multiple presentations on the essay proposal and how to go about it. Some of these included the planning and organising of your essay, how to create and choose a topic that interests you, defining a research question, collecting data and reading material and structuring and developing yourContinue reading Week 7 – Academic Writing 1

Week 6 – Animated Horror

Morning Class: This morning Ryan gave a lecture on Animated Horror. He covered what styles of animated horrors there are, the horror behind the scare and the uncanny. With all of these he provided examples like ‘The Black Cauldron’, ‘Krampus’, ‘Paprika’ and ‘Fears of the Dark’, ‘’ We also looked into some of David Firth’sContinue reading Week 6 – Animated Horror

Week 5 – Animated Documentaries

Morning Class: This morning Ryan came in and gave a lecture on Animated Documentaries. He showed a short film he made as an example to begin with, then we covered the different styles of documentaries, expressionism in documentaries and why do we use animation in facts. These were all followed by examples. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Week 3 – What is Animation

Morning Class: Today Yuan went over what was required for assignment 1 and gave a presentation on Animation Theory which covered what animation is, some techniques and examples used in animation and what makes animation different from live action. The presentation also covered some animators and examples of their films from traditional hand drawn animationContinue reading Week 3 – What is Animation