Portfolio – Squid Productions

Concept Art —Characters—   —Environment—   Modelling *Textures by Danielle* *Seaweed created by Michael* *Coral created by Danielle* *Starfish created by Danielle, Meghan & Sarah* *Squid created by Oisin* *Anglerfish created by Nicole* *Textures by Danielle*   —Anglerfish— -Rigging- *Textures by Danielle* —Animation— -Idle Animation- *Textures by Danielle* -Snap Jaw Animation- *Textures by Danielle*  Continue reading Portfolio – Squid Productions

Post-Production – Squid Productions

Rendering, Sound & Editing I didn’t have much to do for the post production aspect of this project. Sarah added the final lighting to the scenes when we animated and everyone was tasked with rendering their own scenes so that the process could be done faster. Michael has been gathering and creating sounds over theContinue reading Post-Production – Squid Productions