Rendering, Sound & Editing

I didn’t have much to do for the post production aspect of this project. Sarah added the final lighting to the scenes when we animated and everyone was tasked with rendering their own scenes so that the process could be done faster.

Michael has been gathering and creating sounds over the whole course of this project and edited the final cut of the film together.

*Editing done by Michael*
*Animated Scenes made by Everyone!*


Final Film



Overall, I am incredibly happy with the final film and what the team was able to create in 12 short weeks. (14 if you count the Easter break! ;^D) Everyone was a joy to work with and kept on target when the group set internal deadlines as well as always communicating their progress and if they needed more time. 

I’m also proud of what I was able to achieve throughout the project and that I had the opportunity to be the concept artist for the characters and environments. I do wish I had a bit more time to polish up the block out scenes before the deadline but overall I am happy with what I was able to get done and the opportunity to try a few new things like modelling and rigging a character in Blender and creating a linked scene with a camera sequence even though these weren’t roles I wanted to do I am glad for the opportunity and the experience.

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