Morning Class:

This morning Yuan gave a lecture on Harvard referencing and academic writing. We covered the basic approach for writing your essay, referencing within your essay and your reference list and some academic writing tips of what you should and should not do. Some of these academic tips included; using less personal words like “I” and “you”, try to avoid informal and lazy words like “quote” instead of “quotation” and “get” instead of “obtain” and always used British spelling. When writing the essay for assignment 3 you may use a few images as long as they relate to what is being mentioned or argued in the essay.

After Yuan gave a presentation on plagiarism. It covered what plagiarism is and different examples of the various ways you could plagiarise someone else’s work or ideas and how to avoid plagiarism within your work. 


Assignment 2 :

Fill out the essay proposal form by Friday the 18th of March.

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