Morning class:

During this morning’s class we went over what we are going to do today and watched Alec’s presentation on Rendering. After this we were tasked with working through the videos posted on Blackboard.


—Video 1: Substance Painter To Maya Arnold Renderer—

Firstly, I opened the provided ‘Hard Surface Model’ in Maya, selected the whole model, assigned it a new ‘aiStandardSurface’ material (under the Arnold Tab) and renamed the material.


Then I added the base colour and the metallic map to the model and changed the ‘colour space’ to ‘Raw’.


For the ‘Normal map’ I changed the ‘Use As’ to ‘Tangent Space Normals’ and I went back to ‘Metalness’ and ‘Roughness’ and turned on ‘Alpha is Luminance’.


Next I clicked on the ‘Arnold Tab’ and clicked ‘Lights-> Area Light’. In the ‘Attributes Editor’ untick ‘Normalise’ and turn the ‘Exposure’ up to 5. I duplicated the lights and created a ground using a ‘plane’.


I then clicked on the ‘Arnold Tab’ and clicked ‘Render’.


Clicked on the ‘Arnold Tab’ and clicked ‘Lights-> Skydome Light’. In the ‘Attributes Editor’ click on the checkerboard button beside colour and uploaded a background from ‘Substance Painter’.


Final Render.



Afternoon Class:

For this afternoon class we watched the updated presentations and received some feedback which included:

  • Amber needs to smooth the edges of the ghost model.
  • Tori needs to adjust the shape of the sandwich to make it less square.
  • Danielle needs to bevel the edges of the fridge.
  • The scene with the sandwich in the ghost’s stomach needs to be held longer.
  • We need to do a few tests with a camera in the environment that we created.



Homework/Assignment 2 :

For homework this week we were tasked with completing Assignment 2 for the deadline next week.



This week I focused on setting up my Maya files for the Assignment, gathering plenty of video references for the animations and blocking out the key poses of both animations.


Final Thoughts:

I am happy with the progress that I made this week and I believe that I will be able to get the animations done for the deadline.

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