Assignment 2: Character Y1 S2: 3D Digital Literacy

Final Pose and SketchFab

I first took my model unposed into Sketchfab to check if everything worked well before moving forward. With some simple post-processing and a city background, this was my first presentation of my model:


The Posing Process


Unfortunately both Blender’s pose tool and rigging in Maya were crashing heavily on my computer, so I am yet to post my character out of T-Pose. NB this is not an .fbx so triangles were added in SketchFab. This is not my actual topology. I will update as soon as I have done so!

It seems to be going back to my initial retopology and not working when I bring the newly rigged one into SketchFab.


I got it working! It was all about skin weights in Maya – this is what was causing the face issue. Below is the link to my Sketchfab posed character:

Check out this scene in 3D and virtual reality on Sketchfab:


I wanted to keep it simple, friendly and clear.

I was pleased with the final outcome.

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