Final Outcome & Reflection

Our final outcome was a success – we stayed very late in the uni on Friday night despite the extension which allowed us to really pour out all our last creative thoughts for the project. (4am. lol) Working together the entire group’s different animations was difficult as we wanted to remain as faithful to both […]

Art Direction

Graphic Identity and Colour Palette Alongside the 3D workflow, I thought it would be a good idea to work on a graphic identity for our film to use in credits/on-screen graphics and presentations/posters etc. In many ways, it helped further established the iconic silhouette we were going for of the showdown with the slugs watching […]

Animation and Rendering

Animation Having missed Semester 1, I utilised this stage as a process to gain some knowledge on the principles of animation. I was referring to Richard Williams’ Animator’s Survival Guide and learned about various elements of animation such as squash/stretch, action/reaction, anticipation and so on. I felt that to allow this understanding to show in […]


Pre-Vis Post-storyboard, we were ready to create our pre-vis. At this stage, I was still finishing the block-out of The Sidekick (see here for character workflow details), however this worked well for pre-vis purposes. This task was super useful to continue development with basic key-framing. See our FIRST PASS pre-vis here. See our SECOND PASS […]

The Storyboard

The Initial Storyboard Following discussion about the screenplay, we moved on to the storyboarding stage. Below is my first dig at a storyboard (including several of Kharis’ frames). We were heavily inspired by The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and the classic shot/reverse-shot editing style. We incorporated many over-the-shoulder shots which helps enhance the […]