Final Outcome & Reflection

Our final outcome was a success – we stayed very late in the uni on Friday night despite the extension which allowed us to really pour out all our last creative thoughts for the project. (4am. lol) Working together the entire group’s different animations was difficult as we wanted to remain as faithful to both […]

Final Pose and SketchFab

I first took my model unposed into Sketchfab to check if everything worked well before moving forward. With some simple post-processing and a city background, this was my first presentation of my model:   The Posing Process Link: Unfortunately both Blender’s pose tool and rigging in Maya were crashing heavily on my computer, so […]


RETOPOLOGY was a daunting idea as I knew how many components my model had already and how difficult this could have been to manually Quad Draw. However, I actually really engaged and enjoyed the elephant task earlier in the Semester, and find retopology quite a fun challenge. The main goals I knew from practise before […]

Texturing and UV Mapping

UVs UV mapping for me is always very difficult, however I found the mapping experience mostly okay with this project. I did come across a problem I had in Animated Narratives of accidentally splitting my UVs into many many sets across many many objects which is mind-boggling, but I simply was able to select the […]

Art Direction

Graphic Identity and Colour Palette Alongside the 3D workflow, I thought it would be a good idea to work on a graphic identity for our film to use in credits/on-screen graphics and presentations/posters etc. In many ways, it helped further established the iconic silhouette we were going for of the showdown with the slugs watching […]

Animation and Rendering

Animation Having missed Semester 1, I utilised this stage as a process to gain some knowledge on the principles of animation. I was referring to Richard Williams’ Animator’s Survival Guide and learned about various elements of animation such as squash/stretch, action/reaction, anticipation and so on. I felt that to allow this understanding to show in […]

Sculpting my Character

Sculpting the character was very a enjoyable experience. I learned a LOT about Blender and Maya in this time and how poly-counts, topology and innovation using shapes are essential to the efficiency and execution of the 3D pipeline. Following exercises we had done in class, I began by blocking my character. This is my first […]


Pre-Vis Post-storyboard, we were ready to create our pre-vis. At this stage, I was still finishing the block-out of The Sidekick (see here for character workflow details), however this worked well for pre-vis purposes. This task was super useful to continue development with basic key-framing. See our FIRST PASS pre-vis here. See our SECOND PASS […]