Final Pose and SketchFab

I first took my model unposed into Sketchfab to check if everything worked well before moving forward. With some simple post-processing and a city background, this was my first presentation of my model:   The Posing Process Link: Unfortunately both Blender’s pose tool and rigging in Maya were crashing heavily on my computer, so […]


RETOPOLOGY was a daunting idea as I knew how many components my model had already and how difficult this could have been to manually Quad Draw. However, I actually really engaged and enjoyed the elephant task earlier in the Semester, and find retopology quite a fun challenge. The main goals I knew from practise before […]

Texturing and UV Mapping

UVs UV mapping for me is always very difficult, however I found the mapping experience mostly okay with this project. I did come across a problem I had in Animated Narratives of accidentally splitting my UVs into many many sets across many many objects which is mind-boggling, but I simply was able to select the […]

Sculpting my Character

Sculpting the character was very a enjoyable experience. I learned a LOT about Blender and Maya in this time and how poly-counts, topology and innovation using shapes are essential to the efficiency and execution of the 3D pipeline. Following exercises we had done in class, I began by blocking my character. This is my first […]

Character Design

My initial thought for my character’s design was to use my knowledge from Illustration in Semester 1 and create a graphical, minimal ‘cute’ characature of myself. I began by creating various Pinterest boards to gauge what intrigued me most and build inspiration. I thought this sort of graphical, geometrical style was compelling and would allow […]