Art Direction

Graphic Identity and Colour Palette

Alongside the 3D workflow, I thought it would be a good idea to work on a graphic identity for our film to use in credits/on-screen graphics and presentations/posters etc.

In many ways, it helped further established the iconic silhouette we were going for of the showdown with the slugs watching from the distance.

The font I settled on was CHINESE ROCKS which has a rocky feel to it, suiting our environment. It also has strong Western tones, alongside an animated style that suited the ‘cuteness’ of our characters.

Here it is in the final film. We utilised keyframes in Premiere to make the text appear gradually with gunshots for an effective, comedic Western outtro.

Colour Grading in Premiere Pro

Alongside the widescreen aspect ratio, Josh and I talked a lot about how we could colour the outcome. Our main rules ended up being:

  • Increase warmth
  • Add Faded Film
  • Add Contrast to balance this out
  • Use a Kodak film look.

Some pre-production colour tests I did:


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