3D Digital Literacy Assignment 2: Review

The character design assignment for 3D Digital Literacy has been super rewarding in both skills learned and outcome material. Sculpting allowed me to get creative with the modelling tools and have more complex input on shape, design and form. I also challenged myself significantly when it came to topology and UV mapping, as I learned the importance of quad shapes and loops in creating efficient and effective UV maps.

Having missed Semester 1, I also found this assignment was super helpful in the context of learning character design, as I delved into areas that I may have missed late last year. This included using silhouettes as a starting point, anamorphism and the twelve principles of animation.

Overall, I was very pleased with my final character. I think it was sufficiently complex and I was glad that I could build a topology that had no triangles and was easy to UV map and texture. Next time, I would think more about how to set it up for posing, as I really struggled with getting this to work in either Maya (rigging) or Blender (pose tool).

I look forward to taking my 3D modelling skills further in Second Year.

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