IXD302 Week 1- Local and global companies that represent great design work

Local Companies

Rapid7- Belfast

Rapid7 is a leading provider of security data and analytics solutions that enable organisations to implement an active, analytics-driven approach to cyber security. Rapid7 is trusted by more than 9000 organisations across the globe, including 48% of the Fortune 100. As a company Rapid7 clearly demonstrate its expertise in cyber security and gives UX Design Interns the opportunity to work with a diverse and cohesive UX team, develop design skills working on UX design experiences and contribute to customer success. Rapid7 is a large company that has a skilled UX team in Belfast making it a great place to work physically as a part of a team. Examples of dashboards and product UI’s below demonstrate the level of design excellence this company possesses.

insightVM UI

InsightIDR UI

InsightConnect UI

Big Motive

Big motive is an independent design company that collaborates with others to create digital products and services. They are an award-winning company that has worked with companies such as Coca-Cola, Danske bank and the BBC. The work produced by big motive is incredible and I imagine would be a great company to work for to develop as a creative individual seeking design excellence. The example of work produces by Big Motive are stunning pieces of work with fantastic UI and beautiful colour schemes.

Big motive webpage design


Big Motive app design

Big Motive webpage design


Whitespace is a Belfast based company that designs, develops and builds digital products. I think this would be a really exciting company to work for as it gives the opportunity to work on a diverse range of products. While I was not able to find specific design outcomes the company has produces I did find posts on LinkedIn indicating that Whitespace has worked with companies such as Emergent Alliance and IBM producing outcomes such as the below and getting involved in exciting ventures seeking out innovative technologies in sustainable development.

Whitespace collaborates with IBM

Chatbot used by Emergent Alliance

Job Finder UI- Emergent Alliance

Global Companies


Airbnb is a global company that also operates out of Dublin however I am not sure exactly what sector of the company operates from here. In terms of stunning user interfaces and well thought out user experiences Airbnb is one of my favourite mobile app’s and websites to draw inspiration from and would be up there as one of my top dream companies to work for. I love their stories and experience approach to promoting accommodation and activities and their design focus on not just “how it looks” but also “how it works”.

Airbnb Web UI

Airbnb Web UI

Airbnb Web UI


Ciena is a global networking system, services and software company. Ciena was certified as “A Great Place to Work” and has found massive success with over 1700+ worldwide, operating in over 35 countries and employing over 7000 employees. While I wasn’t able to find any examples of product/portal UI’s I do believe the companies website is an excellent example of minimal yet vibrant design.

Ciena website


Ciena website


Clay is a global UI/UX design branding agency based in San Franciso. They’ve worked with clients such as Google, Slack, Facebook and many other big names. When it comes to world-leading branding agencies Clay tops my list. Their brand and UI outcomes are absolutely stunning, with clean. minimal design outcomes that have fantastic fluidity throughout. Jacquard by Google

Slack webpage


facebook connectivity webpage

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