IXD302 Week 1- Intro to Creative Entrepreneurship

Skills Development

Be open

Show and discuss your work as much as possible. It is the absolute best way to improve your project/skills and develop as a designer.

In this weeks lecturer, we looked at a number of skills and approaches to take when working within the creative industry. As stated above being open to feedback and different approaches and ideas is a really important part of developing as a creative individual. This is a skill that I hope to build upon over the next year as I think it is was leads to greater creative development. A willingness to make changes and try new approaches is what makes the best designers in my opinion and therefore I hope to get lots of feedback and to try as many new approaches as possible throughout my education and into my career.

Always ask

If you are stuck, make sure you ask. Time spent not knowing is time you could be spending on further development. (Any mentor who refuses to help or provide an alternate time when they can is NOT worth your time.)

For me asking questions is a bit of a balancing act as I also believe that it’s important to, where possible, find answers yourself through research and discovery as well as through exploration. However, when a directive is unclear or if I’ve hit a creative block that’s the time when I feel asking questions is a definite must. Particularly when you are dealing with a mentor or someone who has expertise in the area you are working in. In these instances, I think it’s always best to learn as much as possible about the process’s that experts use so that you can adapt what you have learned to any project or design piece.


Networking is a big part of any job however it is particularly important when you are just beginning in order to help with getting a ‘foot in the door’. While there are several ways to network I think joining clubs and attending events are still some of the best “tried and true” approaches even if they are online (though probably better in person if possible.) Belfast Design Week is a great opportunity for networking near me where I can attend design events and experience new exhibitions. This is definitely an event I want to go to this year.

Other events such as OFFSET Dublin would be a great place to network and hear from experts across the globe. While COVID restrictions seem to have left OFFSET at a standstill hopefully as restrictions relax OFFSET’s events will kick off as planned in April. I think attending this event would be an amazing experience and provides a great variety of insights into a variety of creative roles.


Keep up to date with current research and trends




Decide what role best suits you



It is a good idea to spend time identifying and playing to your strengths keeping in mind the area you want to work in.

Challenge yourselves

You should aim to challenge yourself, learn new skills and develop a good design process.

supporting material

Sketchbook/ digital/blogs



Post It Note exercise


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