IXD301 Portfolio Research- Google Trends and Word Bank

Google Trends

Screenshot od google trends

I found google trends to be a great start for my research and discovery when it came to creating content for my portfolio website. I have decided to run with a lab theme in my portfolio to make it more memorable to potential employers who will be viewing several portfolio websites during the hiring process. I, therefore, decided to search the term design lab on google trends to see how popular the term was over the last 12 months and related topics and queries. I found that the popularity of the term peaked at May/June time and had the lowest popularity in NI out of the UK. Related topics included Microsoft, Scurf Gaming (Xbox) and report (COVID-19 related). Related queries included Xbox design lab.

I was quite please with these results as I want to generate a unique and memorable identity therefore the lack of google activity suggests this is not an overly popular (therefore hopefully not common) idea and the majority of related areas are associated with tech and gaming companies. These are good associations and potentially will be helpful in providing further inspiration in the development of my theme.

I also looked up terms such as web design, app design, UX design, user experience design, UI design, user interface design, wireframing concept ideation, iconography etc in order to generate an understanding of which terms are more popular and I should therefore include on my website. I found this helpful and informative as I was able to determine that shorthand terms such as UX design and UI design were more consistently popular than using the words user experience design or user interface design. However, when removing the word design I should use the full words over abbreviations.


Word/Term Bank

I have also created a spreadsheet of terms taken from job prospect, design foundation and job hiring sights in order to get a good idea of the terminology used by employers and experts. I also wanted to know what skills are most relevant so that I can select projects that best present these skills in my portfolio site.

Term bank (spreadsheet)



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