IXD103 Week 1- Content Audit Exercise


Image taken from Apple Events 2020

Create a word bank

Apple- future, air, new, power, experience, systems, pro, display, explore, facetime, expert, Welcome to, which … is right for you?, for professionals, for everyone, creativity, blast past fast, believing is seeing, doing it all, in all new ways

Competitor: Microsoft- stay connected, get things done, for each of us, find the … that’s right for you, the best, original, benefits,


Create a brand dictionary


Apple Store (online), Retailer/Store (physical store), buy, watch now, learn more, Apple services (not applications) sign in, shop, trade-in, specialist (employee), accessories, genius bar, appointment, Newsroom, Apple support, systems, devices, seamless, simple, safe, powerful, colourful, touch, continuity, desktop, space grey, gold, silver, think different, Privacy. That’s iPhone, It’s a computer. It’s not a computer (iPad), the most powerful iPhone ever, Hello 5G

What are the key calls to action in marketing and advertising? 

buy, learn more, watch now, shop, update now, try it for free,

Do they say ‘please telephone [number] for an appointment’ or ‘simply call [number] now, we look forward to telling you more’?

Search support, start a repair request, ask the apple support community, get support, contact us, find the number for your location, start a discussion, search topics (very little prompts to call trying to resolve problems the search menu or through live chat)

How do they describe themselves to their customers? 

Specialists, everyone, we’re here to help (It is interesting to note that apple keep a record of the items you have bought that are connected to you apple account meaning that you can select the device you are having problems with when you log in, they also personalise items e.g. Rachel’s MacBook Pro)

What terminology does the brand use, for example, for product ranges, processes and procedures?

product names: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, Macbook, notebook, Air, Apple Watch, air pods, Finder Safari, Keynote, IOS, AirDrop, iCloud, speed, bionic, smartphone, drop performance, night mode, super retina XDR displays, ceramic shield, aerospace-grade aluminium, spill and splash resistance, superfast, higher-quality, facetime, the fastest chip in a smartphone, dual-camera system, Dolby vision, welcome to the future, power it’s in the air, M1 chip, retina display, core processor, memory, storage, battery life, sips battery, redefines speed, machine learning.


Create a tone of voice guide

Three words to describe Apple’s essence

Innovation (think different), futuristic, polished


Welcome to the future of Mac/ Blast, past, fast.

What Apple stands for

Apple as a brand stands for innovative, simple and beautiful technology/ lifestyle product. It uses languages such as super retina XDR displays to target its audience which are technology enthusiasts to describe its screen and camera technology and display performance emphasising the quality of its products. The brand also describes their team as specialists to highlight their expertise in the area and repeatedly refer to their products as powerful in relation to speed, display and storage. They currently appear to be targeting complaints around batter life creating straplines such as sips battery and privacy concerns with the strapline, privacy, that’s iphone. They also appeal to an audience beyond professionals using terms such as for everyone one referring to apple fitness plus as a new fitness experience for everyone. Words such as experience, as included in the example above, also tie into the brands’ lifestyle focus. The brand also fouces producing a number of end to end systems that function perfectly together (e.g. statement all your devices. one seamless experience.) and provide innovative solutions that will enhance the everyday lives of its customers along with providing high-end products to professionals (there appears to be an emphasis professional within creative industries with products such as the iPad and Apple pencil and the brands focus on display quality).

Core Values

Apple’s core values appear to be primarily focused on being innovative e.g. statements such as doing it all, in all-new ways and think different, note, think differently doesn’t appear on their website anymore. These statements create a clear tone of innovation by looking at problems and solutions in new and different ways with the implication of producing better outcomes. The brand also presents itself as creating a high-end line of products with better functionality and appearance that it’s competitors with the repeated use of the word powerful describing it’s products and services and an emphasis on product display function on its website and youtube advertising. I, therefore, believe quality to be another of Apple’s core values. Apple also uses specific descriptions of the technology, process and materials used to produce their products- placing their customers as experts (apple never oversimplifies or speaks down to its customers) I, therefore, believe having expertise in their area to be another core value. YouTube ads would also suggest Apple is seeking to explore the area of protecting customer privacy and while I would not consider this to be one of their core values yet I am interested to see if the area gains traction and Apple incorporates this in a more pointed way in the future.


What have I learnt?

  • This exercise was particularly helpful in presenting a process for auditing content and demonstrating how consistency in written communication is so important.
  • By simply identifying keywords used throughout a companies website I can get a clear sense of their tone of voices which is added to by looking at more specifically how they describe themselves, their core values etc

How can I apply this to my work in future?

  • When working on an established brand I now know how to carry out a full content audit and can apply this approach at the beginning of any future project
  • A similar approach can be taken when generating a new brand identity however rather than finding how a brand is described in current material, from staff, customers etc. a new brand dictionary, word bank and tone of voice guide can be created in collaboration with the business owner.
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