Week 11-Group Cirtique- Elements Project

Today in class we had a Group Critique. This is were had an opportunity to showcase our work for the elements project as well as viewing everyone in classes work for the element project. Below is screenshots of my 1st and 2nd page of my elements page. As you can tell I focused mainly on Typography. I wanted to make mine clear and appealing to young children so I added in colour and appropriate images to represent each element.


There was a Miro board created for us to leave comments under each others work. For example what worked well, what we felt needed changed, ideas or any questions they may had. I give each class member some feedback on their project which was both positive and encouraging by trying to sound helpful. I really enjoyed viewing everyone’s work it was really interesting and  they looked amazing. They also left me some feedback in vice a versa. I hope by listening to their comments I could make improvements to my elements project. Kyle also spoke highly of my work and I think he was pleased with it. His advise was very useful and I could make further improvements. I liked todays session as it was fun and interesting.

Below is a screenshot of the feedback from my class.

I will make the necessary changes to my elements project before the final submission in January. But I’m happy with my process. Its hard to believe it was our last class for the semester. I really enjoyed 1st semester. Hopefully there’s a lot more to come.

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