UX Healthcare Trends in 2022 (IXD303)

In Article written by Martina Gyoffy and Fruzsi Fejes they speak about the latest healthcare trends we can expect to see this year. In 2022(this year), we can expect to see the use of the folowing technologies being used to bring exciting opporunties and improvements to the healthcare industry.

Currently their are many challenges in the healthcare industry, the introduction of these technolgies if used currently can help provide pateints with better, more comfortable and safety service.

It’s important to have products which enhance the everyday lifes of doctors and patients. Below are 10 trends which improve the user’s experience.

  1. Medical Wearables
  2. Telehealth
  3. Digital Therapeutics
  4. Vocal Biomarkers
  5. Virtual and Augmented Reality
  6. Al and Chatbots
  7. Voice User Interfaces
  8. Digital products for mental health and telepsychology
  9. Non-Emergency Medical Transportation
  10. Digital Health tools for Pets

Future of UX IN healthcare

The future of UX in healthcare is bright. At the moment their is so many trends. The use of technonolgy is continuing to increase and play an important role in the healthcare industry to help look after our mental and health health.

When producing a product and service in particular area it’s very important to focus on the user’s experience and how it can be used to improve peoples lifes in order for it to be successful.

In this ever-changing world it’s essential to keep up to date on the latest trends/technolgies around you. Therefore keeping people safe is the main target. When coming up with your own product think of ideas and service thart needs improved and design a product which will make a difference to everyday lives.


I really enjoyed finding out about difference technologies I can expect to see and how much of difference they will make to everyday lives. I think it’s very interesting read and I want to take this into my own project to help me produce a healthful app which can make a difference to everyday lifes of my users.


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