Brainstorming and Sketching (IXD303)


Before designing my Healthcare app on Figma I brainstormed my ideas on Paper. Doing this allows me to come up with idea for my app.

I made some rough Wireframe sketches on Paper of my original idea of how I wanted my 6 main screens in my app to look.

I tried to out on Figma.

I updated my orginally sketches and made a couple for main screens.

I sketches out my buttons and compotents for my app of how I wanted to look. Below you can see an image.


Overall I am happy with my sketches and how they helped me create the basis of my own healthcare app design on figma. I wanted to keep my sketches easy for my clients and users to understand. I wanted to make them as detailed as possible. I feel my wireframes show the main screens the users will need to access  the app.

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