My Product Presentation

On Friday I presented my product to Daniel and Ronan as well as Cormac, Sarah and Orlagh who were in my group. I was the 2nd person to do my much. I must admit when I stood up to my presentation I felt a bit nervous but as Daniel said at the end it was normal and it will take to become more confident. I was very keen to pitch my original idea to everyone. I felt pleased how it went and I think everyone enjoyed my presentation and idea to be honest.

At the end I was asked some questions which showed their interest. I received some encouraging feedback from Daniel and Ronan which was nice. I think I done well for my first presentation but hopefully I can improve upon my presenting skills over time and feel more confident and clear. I feel the more I practice and do presentations the better I’ll become.

Once I finished mine I got an opportunity to listen to the rest of them.  At the end we voted who the best was. Personally I felt Sarah’s idea was really strong and deserved winner.

Below I attached my presentation as a PDF document. You can click on the link to view it.

Product Pitch (1)

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