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Type specimen sketches Web essay sketches
Web Essay Final
Link: What I have changed After receiving feedback on my web essay, the one major thing I had to change on my [...]
Web Essay Critique
Link: This is the link to my finished web essay. Last week I got feedback on part of my web essay. I was advised [...]
Web Essay Review
After feedback I decided to change my wire frames slightly. I plan to add some larger photos for visual breaks to break up the text. I then started to work [...]
Design History Essay Website – Wire Frames
Research Before I started creating my wire frames for my website, I decided to do some research on some other single-paged websites. I chose three websites [...]
Group Presentation
Group 5 Presentation For this second project we would be put into groups in which we had to develop a Design History Presentation based on one of the [...]
Pocket Profiles – Week 6
Pentagram Design Studio (Giorgia Lupi)   Giorgia Lupi is an Italian information designer and a partner at Pentagram based in New York. She has a [...]
Pocket Profiles – Week 03
Una Kravets   Una Kravets is a Brooklyn-based web developer. She is a Developer Advocate at Google Chrome and was previously the Director of Product [...]
Pocket Profiles – Week 02
Jakob Nielsen Jakob Nielsen, Ph.D., is a User Advocate and principal of the Nielsen Norman Group which he co-founded with a former VP of research at Apple [...]
Type Specimen for Design Critique
This is the type specimen I have chosen for critique. I chose this design out of the other two designs because it was simple and bold, and stood out from [...]
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