Final Submission

May 12, 2021 - Blogs

In conclusion, I enjoyed working on the assignments and tasks for IXD104. I found that it helped me be more creative because it was heavily design-based content, which is what I preferred. I managed to portray messages through the use of desgin. I was very impressed at what I had managed to accomplish through my work, and the feedback I received each time only improved it.

I found the weekly lectures about the subject and research on related designers beneficial, and the background knowledge was helpful when it came to completing the assignments.

I have learned much about design throughout this class which I can show through my work. I learned how to create vector art from the travel app assignment which also helped me with the infographic assignment. From the infographic assignment I learned how to convey data information in a creative and engaging way. Overall, I was pleased with the outcome of my work.


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