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Manifesto sketch 100 iterations sketch Follow the rhythm sketch Portfolio sketch
Follow the Rhythm Project
I had decided that my project was going to based on lyrics from a rap song because rap is one of my favourite genres of music. Before I decided on the [...]
Follow the Rhythm Research
For this project I have to take a song that I like, and I am required to present the lyrics in a manner which is appropriate to the music and singer/group [...]
Week 05 – Introduction to User Interface Design
UI Card Exercise This was the UI card which I created during class. I used Figma.
Week 04 – Typography and Colour
For this class exercise we had to redesign a single letter, two-letter combinations and the Ant Middleton text. For the single letter I chose an S because [...]
Week 03 – Core Principles
In week 3 we looked at a range of core design principles which we can use to develop the foundations upon which we can build. This included the Golden [...]
100 Iterations Final
These are my final nine images presented in a 3 x 3 grid. I created this in Figma by simply using squares to place the images into. The narrative remains [...]
100 Iterations
For this project we had to work in a group to collect 100 examples of either point, line or plane and create/add them to a Pinterest board. As a group we [...]
Manifesto feedback
Previously I had created a manifesto based on an idea I had about a lighthouse for review and feedback. The overall feedback was positive, however, there [...]
Point and line
Point and line:
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