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Final Submission
In conclusion, I enjoyed working on the assignments and tasks for IXD104. I found that it helped me be more creative because it was heavily design-based [...]
Bar charts
One of our tasks was to reproduce two of the given bar charts. The bar charts I chose are the two below. The originals     My recreation
Final infographic
After the week 12 feedback session on our infographics, I got some good feedback on what I need to improve on which I found very helpful in making my [...]
Creating the infographic
After finishing my wireframe, I went into Adobe Illustrator and started to create the infographic based off my wireframe. I added in some extra features [...]
Infographic wireframes
Before I start designing my infographic. I had to choose what my infographic would be about. We were given a wide range of choices based on gobal [...]
Infographic research
What is an infographic and why do we need them? According to the Oxford English Dictionary, an infographic is “a visual representation of information or [...]
Travel app final
These are my final eight travel app screens for Carpe Diem. After more feedback on my previous screens, there was not much to change besides some minor [...]
Travel app continued
After receiving feedback on my previous three screens, I worked on developing the rest of my travel app screens. I had plans to make at least a menu [...]
Travel app sketches
In order to start designing my travel app, I needed to figure out what type of travel app I was going to make. To help me with that I created a mind map on [...]
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