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November 18, 2020 - Blogs

Group 5 Presentation

For this second project we would be put into groups in which we had to develop a Design History Presentation based on one of the topics we were given. I was in a group with Emma, Sarah and Laura. We had decided that we were going to choose the Design Systems for the Olympic Games. We had collectively decided on this topic because we each found it interesting and thought that there would be enough content for each person to cover.

After we had to then decide how we would split up the presentation as it had to be a maximum of ten minutes. This meant that we roughly needed to speak for just over two minutes each for it to not be too short of a presentation. We then talked about the content of the presentation. We thought it was a good idea to each take a topic within the subject of the Olympic Games. I researched on the history of the Olympic Rings Logo, Emma focused on the design manuals, Sarah talked about the opening and closing ceremonies of some of the games and Laura explained the pictograms throughout the games. When it came to designing the presentation we wanted to keep the slides consistent with a colour scheme. We chose blue and white because it is the same colours found on the original Olympic Games website.

For my topic I researched the history of the Olympic Rings Logo, so this meant I looked into who created the logo, when it was created and meaning behind the logo. The Olympics website was very useful for this research, as it also showed the progression of the Olympic Rings design from the year 1912 to 2010. I made my second slide on which games I thought displayed the Olympic Rings in the best way and gave my opinion and reasons why.


Overall, I really enjoyed researching about my topic and presenting about the Olympic Rings. I thought that the presentation had went very well. We had arranged weekly Zoom calls to make sure that we were all on the same page and that we were each getting on well with our topics. We worked well together as a team and everyone put in effort for the success of the presentation.

The only feedback which we got as a group was to use less notes to make the presentation sound more free-flowing, which is what I will take on board for future presentations.


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