Morning Class:

During this morning’s class I worked on compiling the secondary animation that is ready for lineart as we waited for Michael to come round with feedback.


– Lolli’s arm in scene 17D-E needs to overshoot more before pinning the photo to the cork board

– Background for scene 22 needs to be redone and add a candy  tumbleweed to the background

– In scene 23 Lolli’s arms need to scoop more, they’re too stiff

– The arch of Gumball’s back in scene 25 is better but there needs to be a stronger sense of tension as he pulls the cake from Lollipop. Add a slow, shaky pull to Gumball’s arms and cake as the camera moves and hold it after the camera stops moving before the cake flies

– For scene 30, place the crying child in the centre and hold on Lollipop and Gumball’s looks of shame a bit longer before they have their idea

– Flip scene 31

– Make them look more satisfied in scene 32 instead of upset/depressed

– Same with scene 33

– For scene 35 it could be that after the photo is taken it zooms out to show it pinned to the corkboard then fade to black


Afternoon Class:

During the afternoon we focused on adding the newest animation clips into the rough cut of the film and adjusting the other scenes based on feedback.



For homework, we focused on adjusting the scenes based on feedback and working towards finishing all the secondary animation and compiling it into a rough cut of the film  for after the Easter break.


—Adjusted Animations—

-Scene 17D-E – Adjusted-

*Scene 17D-E– Adjusted animation created by Danielle*


-Scene 25 – Adjusted-


-Scene 30 – Adjusted-


-Scene 31 – Adjusted-


-Scene 32 – Adjusted-


-Scene 33 – Adjusted-



—Rough Animations—

-Scene 1 – Rough-



-Scene 2A – Rough-

*Coloured juggling animation at the start of the clip was created by Danielle*

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