Morning Class:

For this morning’s class Sarah gave a lecture on a Masters and its requirements as well as PhDs and what contents are needed for it as well as advice for the people that want to pursue it. Furthermore Sarah covered the entry requirements for a Masters degree, what programs that will be used and some examples of previous years work.

After Henry gave a quick lecture on PhDs which covered the aims and objectives, what a PhD involves. Moreover, the process of starting a PhD was discussed as well as proposal guidance, the process during a PhD and if a PhD is right for you.

After we were given a quick, 15 minute break then we broke off into groups to create some end of year show theme ideas and present them to the class.




For homework, we were tasked with looking into the previous years showcase to see the formatting and how it is presented alongside continuing working on CVs, Showreels, Business cards, blog posts, etc.

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