Morning Class:

For this morning’s class, Henry went over what is required for assignment 2 and discussed in detail what each different item on the success criteria is and how it should be submitted. After we had a refresher on showreels and portfolios which covered what we should include within the showreel and portfolio and how it’s quality over quantity, knowing the target audience for your showreel and portfolio and tailor making it for them and how to create empathy maps to help identify what your target audience/ employer want. Furthermore, we covered some examples of roles, where to post our showreels and portfolios so that people and employers will see our work and the rules that apply to the showreel some of these include; the length it should be, show the stages/ breakdown of a project, sync your showreel to some of the beats of royalty free music and consider the order of the work you show as well as keeping it fun and entertaining for the employer.

Next we were given a 15 minute break before starting into the next ideation for the room layout. 




For homework, we were tasked with continuing to work on our end of year show designs as well as branding materials and the final blog post.

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