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IXD301: Week 9 Reflect

Usability Testing This week was all about usability testing and the importance of doing it throughout the design process. What is a usability test? Usability testing is when you get people to use your website or app to test the functioning of the interface. You will look at their behaviour and how they interact with…Continue Reading IXD301: Week 9 Reflect

IXD301: Elements Project Site Map

Site Map A sitemap is the outline of your website or app. It creates a visual of how users can navigate through the site and get to where they want to go. It is a good way to organise content and see how each page is connected. Why are they important? Gives your website purpose…Continue Reading IXD301: Elements Project Site Map

IXD301: User Research – Surveys

User Research for my elements project Before I create user personas for my elements project, it is important for me to get to know real potential users. Through research, I found that doing surveys was one of the most effective ways to quickly gain the information I needed from a wider audience. “Survey Swap” I…Continue Reading IXD301: User Research – Surveys

IXD301: User Scenarios Research

What are user scenarios? They are a description of why users have come to the website, app, etc. It will include their specific goals and the journey they take to reach them.   Why are they important? It is an important aspect of getting to know your user and their specific goals, only then can…Continue Reading IXD301: User Scenarios Research

IXD301: Elements Project Sketches & Wireframes

Sketches The top two sketches show a potential layout for the home screen. This app will be played on an iPad as this is the device the target audience uses the most. At first, I wasn’t sure whether the app should be vertical or horizontal. However, I think vertical may work best for this app…Continue Reading IXD301: Elements Project Sketches & Wireframes

IXD301: User Persona Research

What are user personas? User personas are short documents that include information about a typical user. This is used to represent a wider range of users, making it more likely for their needs to be met. This means you can design for specific users and know their exact goals and needs. They are commonly used…Continue Reading IXD301: User Persona Research