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IXD301: Week 8 Reflect

Content Strategy “Content strategy focuses on the planning, creation, delivery and governance of content” We learnt that when creating content, its important to ask yourself these questions: What are you trying to improve? Who are you trying to improve it for? How do you ensure you are successful at improving the right thing for the…Continue Reading IXD301: Week 8 Reflect

IXD301: Elements Project – Competitor Analysis

Before starting this project, I thought it was important to look at how different apps go about teaching the periodic table. This would give me an idea of who I would like my target audience to be, the approach I should take and what has been done well/what has been done poorly. Periodic Table 2021…Continue Reading IXD301: Elements Project – Competitor Analysis

IXD301- Organising Raw Data From the Periodic Table

To start off our elements project, we were asked to organize raw text from the periodic table in a way that was easy to understand. Therefore, I had to find relationships within the content and organize it. As a designer, it’s very important to be able to present information in a clear manner. Below, you…Continue Reading IXD301- Organising Raw Data From the Periodic Table

IXD301: Week 6 Review

Promotional Strategy This week we learned about the importance of developing a strategy to promote yourself and your work. This will enable us to build connections with people in preparation for placement. The promotional 3-pronged approach: Portfolio site This is the best way to showcase your work to potential clients or employers. It goes into…Continue Reading IXD301: Week 6 Review

IXD301: Building my Portfolio Website

My portfolio website link: My Portfolio Website   Homepage The first thing I did was build the navigation. This would be the same on every page, so I made it a ‘symbol’. This meant I could add it to every other page which saved me time and ensured consistency. I also ended up changing the…Continue Reading IXD301: Building my Portfolio Website

IXD301: How to Design for Everyone (web accessability research)

I attended a talk through ‘meetup’ on how to design for everyone, which touched on the importance of accessibility and inclusivity when designing. I thought this would be beneficial, especially as I am in the process of building my portfolio website. It was hosted by Rick Monro and had guests Regine Gilbert and MT McCann….Continue Reading IXD301: How to Design for Everyone (web accessability research)

IXD301: Website Feedback and Changes

Feedback We had a critique session which offered the opportunity to receive feedback on my website designs so far. I found this very beneficial as I got some very useful advice on changes I could make to improve. My classmates also left some feedback in the form of post-it notes which I appreciated. I also…Continue Reading IXD301: Website Feedback and Changes

IXD301: Portfolio Website Development

Inspiration I had previously looked at different portfolio websites for inspiration. However, I thought it was important to create a mood board with a collection of ideas. Doing this gave me some last minute inspiration and gave me a better idea of the different approaches I could take. Here is a screenshot and a link…Continue Reading IXD301: Portfolio Website Development

IXD301: Content Audit Task

This week we were given the task of creating a content audit for a website. Before I began, I wanted to find out more about what a content audit includes. A content audit is the process of systematically analysing the content on your website to uncover strengths and weaknesses. Benefits: Gives you a thorough list…Continue Reading IXD301: Content Audit Task