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IXD103- Content Audit Exercises

Lush Cosmetics I chose to focus on this brand as I have shopped with them in the past, both online and in-store and I like their message. Word bank: Fresh Vegan Cruelty free Cosmetics Fighting against animal testing Ethical Handmade Skin care Beauty   Brand dictionary: I found that when advertising they are quite direct…Continue Reading IXD103- Content Audit Exercises

IXD103- First look into branding (research)

“3 simple lessons to humanize your brand” blog post As I am not very familiar with the world of branding, I decided to do some research to develop my understanding. For a brand, having a personal connection to their audience is very important as it builds trust. This blog post I read gives 3 ways…Continue Reading IXD103- First look into branding (research)

IXD103: Week 1 Tasks

Inanimate object task For this task, I had to pick an inanimate object and describe it to the class without telling them what it was. This got me thinking about how brands use keywords to describe and sell themselves to their target audience. Most brands have specific words that they want their audience to associate…Continue Reading IXD103: Week 1 Tasks