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IXD103: Identify – Tom Geismar (book)

Identify Basic principles of identity design in the iconic trademarks of Chermayeff and Geismar. This book includes work from Chermayeff and Geismar, a branding and graphic design firm based in New York. I decided to look at a few companies that they designed the logo and created an identity for. Doing this will give me…Continue Reading IXD103: Identify – Tom Geismar (book)

IXD103: Pattern Library Research

Starbucks Starbucks have their own pattern library which designers/developers can refer to when creating content for the company. This is important because there are components that appear multiple times throughout their digital interfaces and with multiple people working for Starbucks, they must be consistent. If a new component has been designed or changed, it will…Continue Reading IXD103: Pattern Library Research

IXD103: Week 9 Reflect

Portfolio sites We started today’s class with a SWOT analysis. This involves listing your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats with this project. For mine, I created these spider diagrams: I found this task very useful as it made me think about what I was and wasn’t good at and what I needed to improve on….Continue Reading IXD103: Week 9 Reflect

IXD103: Business Card Development

In class, we were asked to design a business card for our personal brand. What makes a good business card? Reflects brands tone of voice Use of white space Simplicity when displaying details Easy to read typeface Unique so it stands out I started off by trying different ideas for the back of my card….Continue Reading IXD103: Business Card Development

IXD103- Interface Inventory Task

This task involved creating an interface inventory on a chosen website. This includes all the interactive elements throughout e.g. buttons and navigation. I decided to stick with the Audible website as this is the brand I chose to create brand guidelines for last week. Benefits of creating an interface inventory: It shows how important it…Continue Reading IXD103- Interface Inventory Task

IXD103- Week 8 Reflect

This week we looked at style guides and pattern libraries and how we should go about creating our own. Style guides “The physical or digital document that represents the styles, patterns, practices and principles of a design system and teaches how to use it.” I should update my brand guidelines to include digital outputs. This…Continue Reading IXD103- Week 8 Reflect

IXD103- More Brand Guidelines Research…

I found that the main elements that should be covered in these guidelines include: Voice and tone Logos Colour pallet Typography Imagery   Before creating my own brand guidelines, I thought it was important to look at another example to give me an idea on how to lay it out and what to include. Netflix…Continue Reading IXD103- More Brand Guidelines Research…

IXD103- Brand Guidelines Research Task

This week, we were given the task of taking a brand and producing brand guidelines for them based on what we see across their platforms/products etc. What are brand guidelines? They are a set of rules and instructions on how the brand should be presented. This can include rules on their logo, colours, typography, images,…Continue Reading IXD103- Brand Guidelines Research Task

IXD103- Visual Marque Development

My visual marque/logo was the last thing I designed. This made it easier as I already knew the direction of my brand and my tone of voice. Firstly, I took some words associated with my brand and tried to represent them visually through sketches. I started with things such as, arrows and roads as these…Continue Reading IXD103- Visual Marque Development

IXD103- Wordmark Development

The typeface I chose for my wordmark is Megrim. The triangle shapes for the “A” and “M” make it unique and interesting. The capital letters make it appear confident which goes with my brands tone of voice. I feel that it is clear and minimal, making it easy to read.  I added different levels of…Continue Reading IXD103- Wordmark Development