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IXD103- My Monogram Development

This was my first attempt at digitizing my monogram. I created it using illustrator as I wanted to become more familiar with the software. I decided to keep it black and white in these early stages to ensure it was effective without the distraction of colour. Some of the feedback I received was to elongate…Continue Reading IXD103- My Monogram Development

IXD103- 1 Week Brand Task

Pizza Moon This was a one-week project which consisted of developing a brand for a pizzeria. The first step was to come up with a tone of voice and a story for this brand. Word Bank: Fresh Quality Eco-friendly Caring Modern Ethical Quick Easy Affordable Passionate Hand-crafted Welcoming   Bio: “Our first store opened in…Continue Reading IXD103- 1 Week Brand Task

IXD103- 1 Week Brand Task (researching competitor brands)

To get an idea of what direction I wanted to go in for branding a pizzeria, I wanted to benchmark some competitors. Pizza Hut Pizza Hut is one of the largest pizza companies in the world. They are all about quality and being different from others “making sure each meal…is delicious, bold and one of…Continue Reading IXD103- 1 Week Brand Task (researching competitor brands)

IXD103- Visual Mark Research

Before designing my own visual mark, I thought it was important to research further into why they are used, the different types and examples. Why do companies have visual mark/logos? A logo gives a company an identity. It can be a visual representation of what their brand is. People should be able to look at…Continue Reading IXD103- Visual Mark Research

IXD103- Sunni Brown Doodling Ted Talk

My thoughts on the ted talk by Sunni Brown on doodling: Society seems to have a bad opinion on doodling, especially in places we are supposed to learn. This is because they are deemed unimportant and meaningless. This ted talk looked into how doodling is actually beneficial and how that stigma should be taken away….Continue Reading IXD103- Sunni Brown Doodling Ted Talk

IXD103- Wordmark research/inspiration

Mood board I wanted to look at a range of word-marks from brands with differing target audiences. This showed me the importance of choosing the right typeface to suit the brand and their tone of voice. I made a list of what I wanted my word-mark to put across. This will make it easier when…Continue Reading IXD103- Wordmark research/inspiration

IXD103- Week 3 Reflect & Type Anatomy Task

This week was all about wordmarks as this is the next step in our project. They are essential for communication as it “communicates a message where the originator is not present”. When creating a wordmark, choosing the right typography is very important. Typography can help convey the message of a brand and represent its tone…Continue Reading IXD103- Week 3 Reflect & Type Anatomy Task

IXD103- Monogram Research (designers, mood-boards etc.)

Wim Crouwel Wim Crouwel is a graphic designer who has been highly influential in the design world and one of the founders of total design. He is well-known for his systematic approach to design using grids in his layout. He has been influenced by functionalism. This is the idea that the function of a design…Continue Reading IXD103- Monogram Research (designers, mood-boards etc.)