IXD103- First look into branding (research)

“3 simple lessons to humanize your brand” blog post

As I am not very familiar with the world of branding, I decided to do some research to develop my understanding.

For a brand, having a personal connection to their audience is very important as it builds trust. This blog post I read gives 3 ways to humanize your brand. I thought this would be beneficial to read and learn more about.

The first tip was to open up and be as honest as possible. Many brands have made promises in the past that they fail to keep. This gives them a reputation of dishonesty and I think this creates a lack of trust between themselves and their audience. Instead, companies should aim to be more genuine and not hide behind false advertising. I think a good way of doing this is engaging with the audience like it’s a conversation between people. Rather than it being purely business and having no connection because people can’t relate to this.

Secondly, “realise that business is social”. When dealing with clients online, its easy to forget that they are real people. Therefore, more time should be spent engaging with them and making them feel important.

Lastly, “love your customers (and your audience)”. After reading this blog post, I think its important to show appreciation for the people who keep a business going. This way, customers are likely to return and spread the word about your business. This can help grow the company by giving It a good reputation.


Logo’s are a big part of a company’s brand as it is what their audience associates with them. If a company has a good reputation, people should be able to see their logo on a product and know that they can trust it. I decided to look further into some company logo redesigns from underconsideration.com to improve my knowledge on the importance of a good logo.

These are some examples of redesigned logos. I think that these days, most companies are going for more simple logos with limited detail. These are more effective for multiple reasons. They are more memorable, making them more recognisable to the audience. They are also more versatile. This is because, if the logo was reduced in size, perhaps on a mobile phone screen, people would still be able to recognise it because it isn’t overwhelmed with small details that could get lost.


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