IXD103- My Social Bio

This week we were asked to write our own bio about ourselves that could be used on social media and other platforms. The bio I wrote may change over time as I learn and grow. First, I made a spider diagram for inspiration on what I could include in my bio:

Short bio –

“Interaction design student learning how to create the unimaginable and everything between”

Longer Bio – 

“Hi! I’m Lauren Gilmore and I’m an interaction design student at Ulster University spending time doing what I love. The future of design inspires me to continue growing so I can be part of it. Therefore, I am learning daily, soaking up all the knowledge and inspiration I can find to make me a better designer. I take inspiration from everywhere, I am hugely into music and am influenced  from it all the time.

I have a passion for app design and making life for users as easy and enjoyable as possible. I am attentive and I have an eye for the small but important details which is vital for good design. What motivates me is the thought of making a difference, big or small to peoples lives.”

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