IXD104- Week 1 reflect & icon task

We got a brief on what the image and data visualisation module would involve. Overall, it focuses on the fact that images can be used to communicate. “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

I found it interesting that we can read pictures in a way and everyone will interpret them in different ways. Therefore, when creating interfaces, such as the travel app we will make, we can include illustrations as a way of getting a message across. They will also make it more visually appealing and it will help break up the content.

We also touched upon juxtaposition. This is when you put two or more contrasting images together and it changes the meaning. It makes the audience think and consider the story behind the images.

This semester, I am excited to explore the many forms of illustration such as, iconography, hand-drawn, vector etc. Soon we will be creating our own icons for our travel app, but first, we were told to recreate two different icon sets. This would help me get used to using software like Figma to illustrate.

My results are shown below:

Original –

My Recreation –

Original –

My recreations –

I also decided to try out some other simple illustrations using YouTube tutorials. I really enjoyed doing this and it has helped me become more familiar with the tools on Figma. Here are some of the illustrations I made:

I am going to continue practicing these skills and do further research into different illustrators for inspiration for future projects.



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