Day: January 31, 2021

IXD103- Content Audit Exercises

Lush Cosmetics I chose to focus on this brand as I have shopped with them in the past, both online and in-store and I like their message. Word bank: Fresh Vegan Cruelty free Cosmetics Fighting against animal testing Ethical Handmade Skin care Beauty   Brand dictionary: I found that when advertising they are quite direct…Continue Reading IXD103- Content Audit Exercises

IXD103- First look into branding (research)

“3 simple lessons to humanize your brand” blog post As I am not very familiar with the world of branding, I decided to do some research to develop my understanding. For a brand, having a personal connection to their audience is very important as it builds trust. This blog post I read gives 3 ways…Continue Reading IXD103- First look into branding (research)