Month: January 2021

IXD103- Content Audit Exercises

Lush Cosmetics I chose to focus on this brand as I have shopped with them in the past, both online and in-store and I like their message. Word bank: Fresh Vegan Cruelty free Cosmetics Fighting against animal testing Ethical Handmade Skin care Beauty   Brand dictionary: I found that when advertising they are quite direct…Continue Reading IXD103- Content Audit Exercises

IXD103- First look into branding (research)

“3 simple lessons to humanize your brand” blog post As I am not very familiar with the world of branding, I decided to do some research to develop my understanding. For a brand, having a personal connection to their audience is very important as it builds trust. This blog post I read gives 3 ways…Continue Reading IXD103- First look into branding (research)

IXD104- Week 1 reflect & icon task

We got a brief on what the image and data visualisation module would involve. Overall, it focuses on the fact that images can be used to communicate. “A picture is worth a thousand words”. I found it interesting that we can read pictures in a way and everyone will interpret them in different ways. Therefore,…Continue Reading IXD104- Week 1 reflect & icon task

IXD103: Week 1 Tasks

Inanimate object task For this task, I had to pick an inanimate object and describe it to the class without telling them what it was. This got me thinking about how brands use keywords to describe and sell themselves to their target audience. Most brands have specific words that they want their audience to associate…Continue Reading IXD103: Week 1 Tasks

IXD102- Links to Projects

Type Specimen Screen IXD102-Type Specimen- Typeface Research IXD102-Type Specimen Screens IXD102-Updated Type Specimen Screen   Group Presentation IXD102-Group Presentation- Research IXD102-Group Presentation Link to GoogleSlides document: Web Essay IXD102-Wire-frame IXD102-Essay Update IXD102- Web Essay Link to GitHub:   Pocket Profiles IXD102-Wilson Miner Talk Reflection IXD102-Pocket Profile- Ian Spalter IXD102-Pocket Profile- Vic Bell IXD102:…Continue Reading IXD102- Links to Projects

IXD101- Links to Projects

My Manifesto IXD101- My Manifesto IXD101-Continuing with my manifesto… IXD101-My Manifesto Final 100 Iterations Group Project IXD101 IXD101- 9 Images Follow the Rhythm IXD101-Follow the Rhythm- Research IXD101-Follow the Rhythm IXD101- Follow the Rhythm Final   GitHub Links John Baskerville Repository: (includes, John Baskerville, CSS exercise and History of Type)   Portfolio website:…Continue Reading IXD101- Links to Projects