IXD103: Week 1 Tasks

Inanimate object task

For this task, I had to pick an inanimate object and describe it to the class without telling them what it was. This got me thinking about how brands use keywords to describe and sell themselves to their target audience. Most brands have specific words that they want their audience to associate with them. The object I chose was a cactus and this is my description:

“I am found in the dessert but often used as home decor. I need a little water and plenty of sunlight. I have an outer shield for protection.”

Everyone went about this task in a different way which I found interesting. Some used words that made their chosen object quite obvious, while others made you think about it a bit more.

Recommendation task

This task involved recommending something without saying what it is, in the style of a tweet. I chose to recommend the song “someone you loved” by Lewis Capaldi.

“This song was a huge hit in 2019 and continues to keep growing. It is a powerful song about heartbreak. Although his songs have deep meanings, the singer has an unbeatable sense of humour.”

I then had to chose 4 keywords from this tweet: “Huge hit, heartbreak & powerful”.

The next step was to do a simple drawing representing the overall meaning of the song. I drew a cracked broken heart because the song is about heartbreak:

This showed me that you can take something and break it down to its simplest form and it can still have an impact and meaning behind it.

This class was my first look into branding. I am very intrigued from what I learnt and I am eager to learn more throughout the semester.

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