IXD104 Travel app-planning

I have been asked to design a travel app for an appropriate audience. -mindmap i have used miro to construct a minmap to help me think about my travel app. -examples of other travel apps that i found on play… Continue Reading →

IXD104 Week 6 Critique review

This week we had a critique on our travel app. I was very nervous and afraid to talk about my work. However, the critique went better than I expected. Paul gave me feedback on my next steps on improving my… Continue Reading →

IXD104 Week 5-Review

Week five was all about the preparation of three screens for my travel app. Like last time, Paul had a recap of what should have been done to this day. During this week’s presentation, he had mentioned about mobile UI… Continue Reading →

IXD104 Week 4-Review

Week four consists of talking about the travel app interface. Paul introduced the lesson by having a recap on what should be done leading up to this week. By this point, I was close to finishing my master apprentice exercises… Continue Reading →

IXD104 Week 2-Review

Week two consists of beginning my travel app. We have looked at some icon designs, some inspiration for my travel app etc. Paul introduced some designers and design in which I took inspiration. Icons were the primary focus of this… Continue Reading →

IXD104 Week 1-Review

This week was all about the introduction of the module. Since I was familiar with Paul, I had no problems with asking questions if that was needed. The reason why I mentioned this was because I was normally shy around… Continue Reading →

IXD104-Travel app

Link to my 6 App screens: https://www.figma.com/file/gDbZXdNgKWDhrKQQKQalHT/Untitled Infographic: https://www.figma.com/file/JnMWZfyE2q1uyAToLUGgTa/Untitled

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