My name is Kewin Philip. I decided to join this course because I had a plan to become a web designer. However, this was only career choice for the time being. The main reason why I chose this degree is because I wanted to explore all areas of interaction design. This provides me with a variety of careers which I can study and choose a career out of. I want be more creative in the work I do.

As a hobby, I like to sketch things in my sketchbook. This was a thing ever since my cousin taught me how to draw. My childhood was fully focussed on improving my illustrations and sketches. A second hobby that I have is reading. I love to read a lot of books I my spare time to gain more knowledge and improve my thinking. I would like approximately an hour to dedicate my time to reading novels. Watching movies and Tv shows is another hobby of mine. I like to keep up-to-date with the latest trends in television. I’m a big fan of the marvel franchise. Gaming is another hobby that I have. I used to spend time on my X-box but recently I have moved to PC. I spend more time on games such as FIFA, Minecraft etc.