This week was all about the introduction of the module. Since I was familiar with Paul, I had no problems with asking questions if that was needed. The reason why I mentioned this was because I was normally shy around people I have not met before. Paul started the lesson by talking about the module aims and the format e.g. What will be covered, information about staff and rationale.

The module was focused on the phrase a “picture is worth”. Our main idea towards this module is to use pictures to tell stories. He showed us a couple of pictures and I started to understand what he truly wants us to think about. For example, Paul showed us an artwork consisting of black and white human like creatures on many beds. Beside one of them was two people from the newspapers, looking like they are trying to interview one of the unhealthy or vulnerable patients on the bed. I believe that each image portrays a powerful message to the audience. In this case, its shows the unnecessary need of the media trying to get some news, ignore the state or health of the patients.

He then moved on to showcase some previous work from students. I was very inspired on how each student have approached their task.  As I was looking through, I was getting a lot of ideas for my upcoming projects-Travel app and Infographic. The showcase gave me a clear understanding of what I had to do for both projects. Paul mentioned that the module consists of sketching and illustration. I was happy to hear that from Paul because I love to doodle and draw for my projects. I had sketched a lot when I was a kid and still enjoying drawing things before, I consider digitalizing.  With drawing, Paul also mentioned about statistics and data. I was not sure of what Paul was referring to but eventually I learned by looking at various examples. This section was relevant when I am creating my infographic.

Finally, he ended the lesson by mentioning the assigned tasks relevant to my travel app. I was very happy to attempt these tasks and thought it would make me more familiar with Figma. I wanted to get familiar with figma because I will be using this software to create my future projects.