Week two consists of beginning my travel app. We have looked at some icon designs, some inspiration for my travel app etc. Paul introduced some designers and design in which I took inspiration. Icons were the primary focus of this week. He sowed us some examples of icons and how they fit in a user interface. This got me thinking about some UIs in apps that I regularly use. Specifically, the icons and how they are used to fit the application. We have learnt about the scale, harmony, differentiate and required reading.

This week, we have also learned about travel app planning and how to plan an app effectively. Paul showed us the mind mapping technique in which I was very familiar and skilled through past experiences. I was feeling happy and inspired to plan my app through a mind map. I wanted to know exactly what my app does and what is the purpose of the app. I already know what kind of app I need to create (travel app). I needed to think about research and discovering what my users can do in the application.

In addition to the previous tasks, Paul assigned a task involving wireframes. I know I needed to create an effective mind map and make sure that was done before moving to wireframing.